Steinway & Sons model D

- the ultimate grand piano

  • “The” Concert Grand
  • Made in 1989
  • Installed by Juhl-Sørensen
  • 274cm, 480kg
  • Only one of its kind in a commercial studio in Copenhagen

Who’s played it… Kasper Willaume, Henrik Gunde, Thomas Clausen, Nikolaj Hess, Marilyn Mazur, Nicolai Majland, Mads Søndergaard, Jacob Christoffersen, Rasmus Ehlers, Fuzzy, Makiko Hirabayashi, Olivier Antunes, Carl Winther, Søren Møller, Søren Bebe, David Braid & Lars Jansson.

“The piano sound and tuning is a rare beauty – sounding almost as good as my own”. Mix legend Jan Erik Kongshaug, Rainbow Studio, Norway

© 2016 - MillFactory NuVenue, photos by Palle Schultz