“The clean sounds and video produced by MillFactory NuVenue equipped us with today’s necessary tools to introduce our new project to presenters; easing the booking of our upcoming tour.” David Braid (CAN)

NuVenue is unique addition to MillFactory Studios, adding video recording/streaming capability our studio services.
Video is demanded these days to facilitate artist promotion and fan treatment. This has never been easier.

The short story…

The studio is fitted with 8 robot cameras, that can be operated from the control room. These are black and make no sound, so they don’t interfere with the creative process.
There are screens in all rooms, making visual artist interconnection and video angle verification easy for the client.
Who wants to see who? Is this what you want recorded? Check.
The output of a session can be either to disk and/or a live broadcast. The broadcast can be a pay-per-view or even feed directly to Facebook using Facebooks LIVE feature. We can also stream to multiple destinations at simultaneously.
In any case all camera feeds is recorded and delivered to the client on a harddrive of his/her choice.
Furthermore we offer additional in-house video editing and delivery directly to youtube/vimeo etc.

Make music and we’ll give you audio & video.

The technical one…

The output of the session can be LIVE and/or TO DISK.
In both cases video from all cameras is recorded.
Delivery of files in Pro Res LT with Final Cut Pro X and Premiere/Final Cut Pro XML’s.
Everything is marked and synchronised for easy editing.
A full day of recording is typicaly about 2TB of data.
The only difference between the two modes is…


  • Operation and setup by one engineer for both audio & video


  • Operation and setup by two engineers for audio and video
  • Live cam switching (also recorded)
  • Text overlay option
  • Live grading option
  • Output streaming via Dacast (facebook or embedded) or through Facebook LIVE

To round off the setup all rooms has been provided with large format screens, enabling the artists to interconnect and verify shooting angels etc.

The basic idea behind NuVenue is making the video process easy, and…

Taking the “now” to the internet.

Why the name?
NuVenue…”Nu” is Danish and means “Now”. “Nu” or “New” -Venue is excactly what this is. A new type of global/online venue.

The visual solution has been supplied by Stjernholm & Co.

© 2016 - MillFactory NuVenue, photos by Palle Schultz