NuVenue Jazz Festival

12.-14. of July 2017

Daily from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs

Rentemestervej 25, 2400 Copenhagen NV

MillFactory NuVenue is a Copenhagen based recording studio with the unique capability to capture video.

We love Jazz.

During Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2017, there will be a lot of extraordinary talent present in the city, and a lot of focus will naturally be on this great yearly event. As a way to provide an exposure platform to artist, while gathering attention to our great studio, we offer a FREE “open mic” setup during these 3 days.

  • We will stream live to Facebook.
  • Every band/artist plays 2-3 songs (no more than 20 mins).
  • We may feature and replay the recordings on Facebook, Youtube & Vimeo (unless specifically not wanted by the artist).
  • In the week after the session the artist can get a link and raw source files if we are provided with a hard drive on the day of the performance.
  • Everything is recorded in 96khz/24bit and HD Prores LT… in other words: high quality.
  • Every performing artist need to sign this simple agreement (Danish version)
  • To be clear: The artist will OWN the recording.


  • Jazz drumkit
  • Bass amp
  • Guitar amp
  • Steinway D grandpiano
  • Fender Rhodes mkI
  • Vocal mic
  • …we’re very flexible… just come.


The main idea was to leave the schedule 100% open – BUT we know that a little planning won’t hurt, and make participation possible for some artists. So, we’re set up a time table (on your right), where slots can be booked. With a max. time per artist of 20 mins. we should still be open go with the flow. So, booking is not necessary for participation – just come!

This page is subject to change (Updated 4th of April 2017)

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10:45 – Elektrojazz w/Anders Larson

12:00 – KB Project w/Karsten Bagge

13:00 – Anders Mogensen

14:00 – Søren Bebe

15:00 – Charmcatcher w/Jonas Johansen

16:00 – Sternlumen w/Thomas Kudela

17:00 – Jan Rørdam


10:00 – Buster Jensen

11:00 – Casper, Lars & Terkel

12:00 – Lotte Matthews

13:00 – Ingrid Hagel

14:00 – Radek Wosko

15:00 – Martin Fabricius

16:00 – Kenneth Dahl knudsen kvintet

17:00 – Hagans/Frank/Mogensen/Åman/Winther


11:00 – Veronica Mortensen

12:00 – Schackmates

13:00 – Jesper Thorn’s Big Bodies of Water

14:00 – Pernille Rübner-Petersen

15:00 – Thomas Clausen Vanja Santos and Romulo Duarte – 4. Trio

16:00 – Bruland/Riber

17:00 – Hyld

© 2016 - MillFactory NuVenue, photos by Palle Schultz